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We are a factory authorized warranty center for most every brand of cuckoo clock purchased throughout the world.  In the unlikely event that you have a problem with your cuckoo clock please take the time to look over the tips I have listed below.  If you still can not get the clock to function properly follow the shipping instructions below in order to send your clock in for warranty service.

Cuckoo Clock Tips and Tricks.

Cuckoo clocks have long been thought of as being a bit temperamental.  Truth is that a cuckoo clock that is set up properly should perform as well as most any mechanical clock.  In the unlikely event you are having a problem with your clock take a look through these tips and see if you can get it going.  If you still have problems and need to send the clock in for service please follow the shipping instructions below.


1.  Have you released the chains from the paper bag and removed all of the tie wire.  Are the weights and pendulum hanging properly. 

2.  Is the clock level?  Instead of placing a level onto the clock try to listen to the sound that the pendulum makes as it swings.  It should tick evenly.  If the ticking seems uneven you can twist the clock slightly to the left or right.  As you do this the sound of the ticking will change.  Move the clock until the ticking sounds even.

3.  If the clock still will not run remove the pendulum, the wire the pendulum hangs from should start swinging quickly side to side.  Let the clock run for 30 minutes or so without the pendulum, reattach the pendulum and go back to step 2.


1.  Have you removed the clips from the bellows inside the clock?  Have you removed the paper from the wire gong on the inside of the back door.

2.  Have you unlocked the bird door on the front of the clock?

3.  Is the shut off lever in the on position.  For manual night shut off, up is off, down is on.  For automaic shut off, up is on for full 24 hours, middle is automatic off from 9 pm until 7 am.  Down is off all of the time.


1.  First off, the cuckoo function controls the music.  Make sure the cuckoo calls and the door closes properly.  If so proceed to step 2.

2.  Check all animation that should work with the music.  Whether it be a moving waterwheel, dancing figurines in the balcony or band members rotating on the front of the clock make sure there are no obstructions with these pieces.  Sometimes the dancing couples in the balcony can hit the archway in the case, if this is happening the figurine can be slightly rotated on its post and it should solve the problem.  Also look for misplaced packing material that could stop these pieces from moving.

                        Shipping Instructions.

Please follow these instructions when sending a cuckoo clock in for warranty service.

First make sure that the chains are secured to the bottom of the clock.  In order to do this wind the chains fully, remove the weights and tie the chains together at the bottom of the clock using wire or string.  The extra chain hanging down needs to be contained, they can be placed into a ziploc bag or envenlope and a piece of tape placed around the bag.  

I do not need your weights, however, if there is a number cast into the metal please note that in the information that you send with your clock. 

Any other ornamentation such as a top crest that is attached to the clock can also be kept.  The pendulum is not necessary unless you are sending the clock for a time keeping issue.  

Include a copy of the warranty certificate or sales receipt with the clock.  Without proof of purchase the clock can not be repaired under warranty.  Also include a note inside the box with the clock explaining the problem and your contact information. 

Return shipping is not covered by the warranty, when the repair is complete and I have it repacked I will contact you to arrange payment for shipping. 

Our shipping address:

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